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Stay ahead of the summer droughts:

Water scarcity experts share top tips

Memories of the summer 2022 heatwave where temperatures soared to over 40 degrees across the UK are still fresh in our minds. It seems like we’ve blinked and another scorcher is here; with that comes an array of drought-related measures, including the infamous water rationing and hosepipe bans impacting us in the heart of our homes.

We’ve pulled together the latest water-saving hacks from industry experts to put you ahead of the dry season, including the latest devices on the market which have already saved 20,000 homeowners thousands on their household bills too.

Switch the hose for a watering can

Hosepipe bans are usually the first measure to be implemented amid a UK drought, so stay ahead of the curve by making the watering can switch. Doing so will make you more aware of just how much water you’re using, whether you’re tending to the flower beds or making your car gleam.

Book a Control Flow Home Save Service

Control Flow is a set of simple devices that can save homeowners hundreds on household bills as well as reduce water wastage. From devices that can be fitted directly to your water meter, or options for individual outlets, Control Flow products work to maintain a constant flow of water which, on average, reduces water consumption by over 20%. The installation of these devices is included in Control Flow's Home Save Service. As part of the service, the Control Flow Engineer will conduct a Control Flow Water MOT. This involves identifying and fixing any minor water leaks on the spot, ensuring that your water system is operating efficiently, at no extra cost. The Control Flow Home Save Service is designed to be quick, convenient, and hassle-free, typically taking less than 45 minutes to complete. It's an excellent way to start saving on your energy and water bills while contributing to a more sustainable future.

Control Flow has a 98% customer satisfaction rate from over 20,000 homes where the products have been installed.

Keep your shower to 4 minutes

It’s been widely reported that switching to 4-minute showers, dubbed ‘Navy shower’, can drastically reduce water consumption by 31 litres per year.

We’d recommend jumping straight in. The colder water while it heats up will help to boost circulation (and cool off after a summers day). Not a fan of timers? Find a 4-minute song to keep you on track.

Check your toilet isn’t leaking

For this quick trick you just need food colouring and 10 minutes. Simply put a few drops of food colouring into the tank and leave it for 10 minutes. After that time, if the toilet bowl is the same colour as the water in the tank you have a leak, then it’s time to call in the plumber!

As part of our Control Flow Home Save service, our Control Flow Engineer will identifying and fix any minor leaky loos on the spot, at no extra cost.

Avoiding unnecessary tap running

This tip goes back to the days of primary school water savings lessons, but sometimes the simpler the hack the better. Remember to turn the tap off while you’re not using the water, so brushing teeth and shaving for example. This is particularly useful for parents whose little ones might not be so well-trained. Doing this can save up to 12 litres of water – every time!


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