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Posted 8/12/2023

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Mrs. Lamb, an environmentally conscious homeowner, sought to reduce her carbon footprint and save on utility bills while maintaining her lifestyle. The Control Flow Home Save Service offered a promising solution that aligned with her eco-friendly values. This case study explores her experience and the benefits she encountered through this service.

Environmental Sustainability and Lifestyle Enhancement

Mrs. Lamb's primary motivation for having the Home Save Service was to contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing her carbon footprint. She recognised that the Control Flow technology would aid in achieving this goal while allowing her to maintain her existing lifestyle. Rising costs of utilities were also a concern, and Control Flow presented itself as a cost-saving measure that aligned with her financial objectives.

Seamless Installation and Professional Service

The installation process was a pivotal aspect of Mrs. Lamb's experience. She highlighted the professionalism of the Control Flow engineer and the speed at which the installation was completed. The engineer conducted a thorough water MOT, ensuring there were no leaks and providing additional value beyond the primary installation.

An additional benefit was the ability to conveniently monitor savings through her water company's dedicated app. Mrs. Lamb appreciated this transparency, enabling her to observe first hand the positive impact of Control Flow on her utility usage. Being able to visualise her savings was empowering and solidified her choice to embrace this technology.

Strong Recommendation and No Lifestyle Changes

Mrs. Lamb was highly satisfied with her decision to install Control Flow. She recommended it to others, highlighting the reduction in her carbon footprint and financial savings. Importantly, she emphasised that embracing Control Flow didn't require any alterations to her existing lifestyle, debunking misconceptions about conservation efforts requiring sacrifices.

Mrs. Lamb's experience with the Control Flow Home Save Service provides a compelling illustration of how environmental sustainability and lifestyle enhancement can go hand in hand. The seamless installation, transparency in savings monitoring, and with no changes to her lifestyle, showcase Control Flow as a valuable solution for homeowners seeking to reduce their environmental impact while enjoying cost savings. Mrs. Lamb's endorsement really shows how well the Home Save Service works and the ease of installation.

Start your journey towards a more efficient and cost-effective home with the Control Flow Home Save Service.


Article by:
Sophie Gardner - Marketing Manager


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