Control Flow HL2024®.
Our patented energy & water saving technology.

Our family of patented Control Flow HL2024® devices are already helping up to 70,000 UK households save money off their energy and water bills. Our technology has already delivered tangible results for residential developers and commercial buildings alike, unlocking multiple build sites including Affordable Housing Schemes and large-scale commercial premises.

We are also proud that our Control Flow HL2024® technology won Highly Commended in the Water Saving Domestic Product of the Year category at this year’s UK Energy Saving Awards.

But what is our Control Flow HL2024® technology and how does it work?

Providing an optimal,
constant flow of water

Control Flow HL2024® technology regulates your water flow rate, giving you a smooth & optimal, constant flow of water into your home at all times. This means:

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    Your boiler does not have to work so hard to compensate for any flow rate fluctuations (saving you £££s off your energy bills).

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    You only use the amount of water you need when using your taps or shower (saving you £££s off your water bills if you’re on or about to go on a water meter).

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HL2024® Mains Save

Our Mains Save device is designed to fit near the internal water meter and stop cock. This device regulates your water flow throughout the home.

HL2024® Meter Save

For externally metered customers, our Meter Save device will ensure that water flow is regulated throughout your entire home.

HL2024® Inline Save

Our Inline devices are designed for when the water meter and stop cock aren’t accessible. They provide the same energy and water saving benefits but are installed on the hot and cold feeds.

The Control Flow difference.

The Control Flow Service stands out from other flow regulators on the market due to the usage of advanced patented HL2024® technology, and the exceptional blend of service and expertise.

  • Unlike traditional flow regulators that simply restrict water flow, our devices are pressure-independent, designed to eliminate fluctuations and provide a steady, controlled flow of water. This unique technology allows users to achieve significant savings without having to change their normal water usage behaviour.
  • With years of experience in the industry, Control Flow in collaboration with Cenergist bring unparalleled expertise to the table. From booking your appointment to the installation, our expert engineers ensure that our clients receive the most effective solutions tailored to their individual property (or property portfolio).

Saving you money
off your energy bills.

More water coming through your taps and shower puts more pressure on your boiler to work harder to generate more heat. Control Flow removes the flow fluctuations of water entering the home and helps to reduce energy in two ways:

  • When using your taps and the shower, there is less cold-water flow. This means the volume of hot water needed for the same comfortable mixed temperature is reduced. This contributes to energy savings.
  • Improved operation of the heat exchanger in the boiler contributes to additional energy savings.

Saving you money
off your water bills.

Water fluctuations entering the home also affect how much water you will be wasting every time you use a tap or shower around your home, whether noticeable to the eye or not.

By regulating your flow rate and giving you a smooth, even flow of water, Control Flow HL2024 instantly reduces the amount of water wasted down the plug hole when you turn on your taps and shower.

Opening Quote

“While they may appear simple, the technology behind the products is quite complex. The products deliver a flow rate that varies only slightly across the entire operating range. Never before have we documented such a negligible degree of deviation.

All in all, we feel these are products of which the manufacturer and distributor can be deservedly proud.”

- Kiwa about Control Flow HL2024®

Closing Quote

Control Flow HL2024® devices are WRAS approved.

This means our products have been examined, tested and found to comply with the requirements of the United Kingdom Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations and Scottish Water Byelaws.