Welcome to Control Flow. The UK's energy and water saving experts.

We are Control Flow Technologies Ltd, a subsidiary of Cenergist, specialising in energy and water-saving solutions in the UK. We hold an 'Excellent' rating on Trustpilot, which is a testament to our satisfied customers.

Cenergist, our parent company, has been using Control Flow technology to deliver innovative heating and water solutions to various large commercial and not-for-profit entities, including water companies and local authorities like Leeds City Council and Crawley Borough Council, since their inception in 2012.

control flow Welcome to Control Flow. The UKs leading energy & water saving experts.

Our patented Control Flow HL2024® technology. Good for your pocket. Good for the environment.

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    Our patented energy & water saving devices – Control Flow HL2024® – are already installed in up to 40,000 households in the UK, saving customers like you hundreds of pounds each year off their energy and water bills whilst also reducing their carbon footprint too.

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    In fact, recent studies have shown that a household with our Control Flow HL2024® devices installed could be saving on average £360 off their annual energy & water bills as well as reducing their carbon footprint by approximately 0.6 tonnes of carbon per year.

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    As part of our Control Flow Service, highly trained engineers will advise and agree with you which particular Control Flow HL2024® devices should be installed in order to give you the maximum savings on your energy & water bills.

All of our Control Flow HL2024® devices have been certified by WRAS, ACS and DVGW as complying with water fitting regulations in the UK, France and Germany and HL2024® technology is verified by KIWA to reduce water flow fluctuations in the mains water supply. We are particularly proud that our Control Flow HL2024® is the only device in the world to meet the international KIWA BRL K635 Standard for Pressure-independent Flow Control.

Control Flow HL2024® technology is covered with a full 12-Year Device Warranty. Visit our T&C's for more details.