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Water Neutrality: Unlocking planning permission

for 600 houses for Crawley Council

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Posted 19/3/2024

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Crawley Borough Council (CBC)had the planning permission for the building of over 600 new council homes held up in planning, due to water neutrality requirements.

To solve this issue, Cenergist, Control Flow’s parent company, were commissioned by CBC to carry out a pilot project to prove the water savings that could be achieved using Control Flow devices.

One hundred council owned properties had our devices installed over a fixed period of time. Water and gas meter reading were taken before installation, on the day of installation and post installation, to get an accurate measurement of the savings made by having the devices installed.

The data collected during this pilot scheme was then independently verified by the University of Liverpool.

The verified results are:

The pilot proved that significant average savings on both water and gas could be achieved using Control Flow HL2024® devices, saving householders up to £360 a year on their water and energy bills.

Following the Success of the pilot program Crawley Borough council contracted Cenergist to install Control Flow in thousands of their tenanted properties in order to gain the necessary water savings to achieve water neutrality for building over 600 new social houses.

Natural England then confirmed the use of Control Flow technologies into UK properties to meet the water and nutrient neutrality goals of affected councils and property developers.

For every Control Flow technology installed, an average per capita consumption saving of 27 litres is credited. The product can be used in new and retrofit housing schemes without the need for continuous monitoring and can be installed in both metered and unmetered properties.

For more information on how Control Flow can help unlock your planning permission, make an enquiry here.


Article by:
Sophie Gardner - Marketing Manager


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