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Achieving Nutrient Neutrality to unlock planning permission:

Stonewater social housing provider

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Posted 19/3/2024

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Cenergist, Control Flow’s parent company were contracted by Stonewater, a social housing provider, to help unlock planning permission for a social housing project stuck in planning due to nutrient neutrality requirements.

Using our patented Control Flow HL2024® devices in Stonewater’s own tenanted properties within the Somerset region, Cenergist were able to achieve a significant water, and therefore nutrient saving.

Through the installation of Control Flow HL2024® Inline devices, Stonewater achieved remarkable measured savings of up to 86.41 litres per day per household. This translates to a significant reduction in Per Capita Consumption (PCC) of 27.5%

Natural England have confirmed the use of Control Flow technologies into UK properties to meet the water and nutrient neutrality goals of affected councils and property developers. For every Control Flow technology installed, an average per capita consumption saving of 27 litres is credited. Control Flow devices can be used in new and retrofit housing schemes without the need for continuous monitoring and can be installed in both metered and unmetered properties.

The project also received great feedback from the householders who had the device fitted with comments like:

"Fantastic job, made them feel comfortable, couldn’t be more pleased"

"I am more than happy with the service; I have referred your company to other properties and continued to hear positive things"

For more information on how Control Flow can help unlock your planning permission, make an enquiry here.


Article by:
Sophie Gardner - Marketing Manager


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