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Ashford Chooses Control Flow Technology To Unlock Nutrient Neutrality Issues

On New 1,000 Home Development

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Posted 30/4/2024

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Our parent company Cenergist, has been appointed by Ashford Borough Council to provide a nutrient neutrality solution for a new 1,000 home development using our patented Control Flow technologies. The site is within a nutrient sensitive area that requires any new development to mitigate against increased localised waterway pollution.

Our patented Control Flow devices are pressure independent flow controllers that provide long-term reductions in water wastage and nutrient emissions from homes as well as improving the performance of existing gas boilers. By eliminating the fluctuations in the water supply caused by system pressure changes, Control Flow provides a steady precise water flow to the home.

Performance tested in both the UK and Europe, Control Flow has been shown to reduce water and energy bills by up to £360 per annum with a 98% customer satisfaction rating. By installing in existing homes in the area, Control Flow creates the headroom for new build.

Under the contract, Cenergist will determine the precise number of Control Flow installation required to offset all the nutrient emissions from the new development at Ashford. Working with the council, it will then contact and persuade householders of the benefits of the technology and then carry and complete the installations and provide the necessary assurance to allow Natural England to sign off the development.

The project follows on from the use of Control Flow to unlock development in Crawley that had previously been held up due to water scarcity concerns.

Paul Mckenner, Head of Strategic Projects at Ashford Borough Council, said: "The retrofitting works is part of a series of measures to unlock approximately 1,000 new dwellings which the Council has a vested interest in. In England, waterways including lakes, rivers and estuaries are protected under the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017. Natural England has mandated that developments located near vulnerable watercourses require nutrient neutrality strategies to prevent negative ecological impact."

Caroline Gray Mason, Director of Water Services at Cenergist commented: “Nutrient neutrality is a significant challenge facing developers as they look to deliver much-needed housing in a sustainable, responsible way. It is essential to be on the front foot with nutrient mitigation measures to minimise the environmental impact of new developments in vulnerable areas. Securing this contact with Ashford Borough council is a testament to Control Flow’s role to mitigate nutrient pollution by reducing the level of emissions from existing homes.”


Article by:
Sophie Gardner - Marketing Manager


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