Good for the environment.

Control Flow HL2024® are a family of patented flow regulating devices. They work by eliminating water flow fluctuations, providing you with a controlled and steady flow of water.

Our technology allows homeowners to achieve substantial savings on their household bills, especially those transitioning to or already on water meters. Our patented devices also combat water and nutrient neutrality head-on.

saving energy

Aiding water scarcity issues.

Despite its reputation for rain, the UK isn't immune to water scarcity issues. In fact, some regions, particularly in the southeast, face water stress due to factors like population growth, and changing weather patterns. According to the Environment Agency, by 2050, England could face a water deficit of 3.4 billion litres per day. That's a lot of water!

Control Flow can save an average UK home up to 73 litres of water per day. This equates to 26,645 litres of water per year!

That’s an enormous contribution to helping the environment. All without having to change daily water usage behaviour too.

Control Flow HL2024® could be saving you 73Ltrs of water, per day.

That’s equivalent to a bath per day, every day.

Helping you reduce your Carbon footprint.

For us, it isn't just about saving our customers money and unlocking developments – our projects are centred around our commitment to sustainability. For every property Control Flow technology is installed within, saves 0.6 tonnes of carbon per year, which is equivalent to planting up to 28 trees every year. *0.6 tonnes of C02 ≈ 27.52 trees (using the average absorption rate of 48 pounds of C02 per tree per year).

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But it's not just the validated results from these real-life studies which we are proud of. Rated as Excellent on Trustpilot, we are just as proud of what our customers say about us. Hear from some real-life customers.

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We understand that convenience is key, you can expect a call from us during your preferred time slot. Whether you are a property developer needing a solution for water or nutrient neutrality, or private householder looking to save money on your utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Our team will be more than happy to address any questions you may have and provide you with a tailored solution.